Beyoncé On Flaunt Magz

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beyoncé kembali tampil di cover majalah, kali ini jadi cover majalah Flaunt edisi terbaru.

In our fair city of CALIFUK, the threat of drones, falsity, cyber-desecration, and malicious propaganda abound. Survival here is a weighty effort—not for the insincere, the weak. For our success as a supercity isn’t pegged to the yuan, to seasons, to buying. This is not Manhattan Island, not a fashion’s fight out. This is a movement—not available for streaming, or indices—about place-making and cultured fissure. And abandon. And intimacy. And her.

Beyoncé tampil seksi dengan memakai Lingerie dan underwear koleksi La Perla, Rehab, Hervé Léger, dan Orlebar Brown, serta Trench Coat karya Barbara Bui,  di bawah besutan fotografer, Robin Harper.

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