★★ Being Zacky ★★

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

★★ Being Zacky ★★

★ Not so easy 'Being Zacky', someone who has standing with his own feet to conquer the world. Someone who always 'through the rain', «« eventhough always got poured by it »»

★ Not so easy 'Being Zacky', who always against himself that sometimes weak, sometimes fool, sometimes doing something stupid as his favorite mistakes.

★ Whatever it is, Not so easy 'Being Zacky' yg sekarang lagi pusing pusing nya nyari modal buat merit yang udh hampir 'deadline'

★ Damn, but i just try to enjoy the process, always trying to give my best struggling faces to pretend im OK

★ I'm good, i'm just fine, i'm doing well, but one thing for sure, its not so easy 'Being Zacky' ★

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