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Michael Fassbender di Interview Magazine

Aktor yang sedang naik daun berkat perannya sebagai Magneto di film X-Men : First Class , Michael Fassbender, menjadi cover majalah Interview edisi terbaru.

Berikut wawancara Fassbender dengan Interview Magazine :

JOSH BROLIN: Where are you right now?
MICHAEL FASSBENDER: I’m in London, man. I’m here for a while, but I’m gonna be in L.A. on the weekend actually.
BROLIN: I heard. You’ll be with your buddy Steve McQueen?
FASSBENDER: With Steve McQueen and Steven Soderbergh and David Cronenberg.
BROLIN: And whatever other director you choose to hang out with at the moment . . . It’s good to hear your voice. You do realize that you and I have probably never spoken on the phone.
FASSBENDER: I know. It’s kind of surreal.
BROLIN: Do you still not have a cell phone?
FASSBENDER: I mean, I do have one, yeah . . .
BROLIN: [laughs] Somewhere.
FASSBENDER: I just went off for two months traveling around Europe on a motorcycle and pretty much turned my phone off. I did 5,000 miles with my dad. We went through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy . . . and then I did Spain and France by myself. It was a trip—you would have loved it. Do you remember when we were doing Jonah Hex and I was telling you that I wanted to do a trip on a bike? It was something I was planning for ages. I talked to my dad about it 10 years ago, before I even had a license or a motorcycle, and then, when I was finishing up Prometheus, I was like, “Fuck, I need to take a break now.” So I said to my dad, “This could happen, so be ready to move.”

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