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Gay Couple Di Majalah OUT

Pasangan Neil Patrick Harris dan pasangannya David Burka menuai kontroversi disaat mereka jadi cover majalah OUT edisi terbaru, dalam photoshoot nya mereka terlihat begitu unuy menikmati kehidupannya sebagai Gay Couple.

Neil Patrick Harris :  "I initially fell for David harder than he fell for me. I was in love with him before he was comfortable saying it, and I think that speaks to our past experiences. I remember saying, “I think I love you,” and he was like, “That’s really nice,” which is not necessarily what you want to hear. But I appreciated his honesty in not jumping the gun and saying something because he felt obliged to."
Gay Couple Di Majalah OUT Gay Couple Di Majalah OUT Reviewed by Zackylicious on Friday, January 20, 2012 Rating: 5
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