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#ExclusiveZackylicious : Rami Kadi Spring Summer 2018 Collection

The elegance of classic 1950s Hollywood, magnificence of baroque flair, and majestic extravagance of intricately embroidered ball gowns encounter edgy urban street style. It’s a face off. A clash. And yet it’s a union. The subtle opposition and daring harmony of the timeless, nostalgic, contemporary and futuristic. This is you, with hashtags customized to share, express and engage in embroidered crystals on bold black. It’s a chance to let your identity shine and dazzle. To make a statement. 

Each item in this couture collection ushers in the era of Nouvelle Couture, a powerful movement that destroys the status quo and rebels by mixing old practices with new materials and techniques to create new standards. PVC is transformed into the height of luxury with embroidery while laser cut holographic sequins shake expectations. 

Feathers, satin duchesse, tulle, angel hair, pearls and crystals reveal the fairy tale of lavish allure. Princess dresses and refined cuts surprise with unique embroidered t-shirts, dress shirts, hoodies and tops inspired by sports bras. Going against the grain, all the creations have mesmerizing ornate black zippers with tassels that stand out. This collection brings together unexpected worlds and sparks stylistic tension to capture the multidimensional essence of the times. It crosses boundaries and is a flamboyant call to be yourself to the fullest.        

Model : Irina Kravchenko
Agencies : Women Management New York Paris, Premiere London, L Models Ukraine, Scoop Models



#ExclusiveZackylicious : Rami Kadi Spring Summer 2018 Collection #ExclusiveZackylicious : Rami Kadi Spring Summer 2018 Collection Reviewed by Zackylicious on Sunday, February 11, 2018 Rating: 5
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