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Fenty X PUMA Fall 2017 RTW

Rihanna was no goody-two-shoes as a teenager. True to her infamous moniker, the singer was sent home from high school on several occasions for breaking the strict dress code, bringing a rebellious edge to her dull khaki uniform with wild, brightly colored hairstyles and piercings galore.


She used her Fenty x Puma show in Paris as a way to rewrite the rule book on collegiate style, and staged the presentation in the elegant book-lined atrium of the Richelieu-Louvois Library.

Models came out from behind rows of blue lockers and marched along tabletops looking as cool and defiant as you would expect. With her cheeky gapped tooth smile and cleanly shaven head, Slick Woods led the charge, dressed in a plaid miniskirt and a sweeping plaid puffer that was left open to expose the machine gun tattoo across her chest—surely the kind of look that would get the average student expelled from any educational institution in the world.

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