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Meet My Fav Ladies

5 Selebritis cantik berbagai profesi tampil di cover majalah-majalah fashion dunia, Yang ber-profesi penyanyi Nelly Furtado Di Para Todos Magazine, Demi Lovato di Self Magazine, yang ber-profesi aktris, Salma Hayek Di InStyle Magazine, Kate Beckinsale Di Allure Magz, dan ber-profesi Model, Miranda Kerr di Women's Fitness Magazine.
 Salma Hayek On InStyle Magz
Kate Beckinsale On Allure Magz
 On not feeling attractive until she was a 29-year-old :
"I didn't feel very attractive as a child, and actually I wasn't. Feeling attractive didn't come until I was 29 and with [my husband] Len [Wiseman]. Maybe it has to do with not having had a dad. I'd never experienced a father saying, 'Oh, you look good.' If you have a good relationship with your dad, you have a chaperone in your own mind. I love my stepfather, but it's different with a stepfather. I probably waited until I had that feeling with somebody who was so madly attracted to me that I could sort of relax and aim it at him. And then it kind of exploded, and all of a sudden I was the sexiest woman alive."
On not getting caught up with having been named 'Sexiest Woman Alive' :
"I think the risk of being the sexiest woman alive is that you don't want to ever have sex again. You don't want to wear a bikini again. You want to wear some nice overalls and a trucker's hat. Anyway, you're only that for a year, and then you're done. You're old news. I don't know who it is right now, but it's not me."
On husband Len Wiseman :
"He's a very gentle soul," Beckinsale says of her husband, director Len Wiseman. "Everybody who's worked with him is sort of astonished by what a sweetheart he is. He doesn't yell. And, you know, directors of the kinds of movies he does normally have to yell at somebody just to blow off steam. I find it impressive that someone can have that much responsibility and pressure and never seem to take it out on somebody."
 On avoiding risque material for her daughter's sake :
"Well, I haven't done an awful lot of nude scenes. And I've been somebody who has had a child for a very long time. Most of my peers don't have a 13-year-old. And it's embarrassing. My daughter said to me, 'You know, I'd really love it if you never said the word "vagina" in an interview again.' Whoops. I've just done it."
Nelly Furtado On Para Todos Magazine
 Demi Lovato On SELF Magz
 On her post-rehab natural therapy :
"I'm treating myself with love and doing good things for my mind and soul."
On what she does to keep herself healthy and fit :
"I work out five or six days a week for my peace of mind, not to lose weight. I switch it up, I'll run a few miles or bike from Santa Monica to Mariuna del Ray. I also love boxing or, when I'm sore, yoga."
On her experience as a judge on 'The X-Factor' :
"It's so much fun! I root for everyone. I mean, it's not the best feeling when you're watching someone and cringing. But when a person's confidence is magnetic, I don't ever have to hear her to think, 'Oh, this girl has got something.'"
 Miranda Kerr On Women's Fitness Magz
 On her love of vegetables and raw, organic food :
"I find the most satisfying food is food that's full of life, so it's raw and clean and organic. We have a vegetable patch in LA... when I eat them from there I love that. My grandfather had a vegetable patch when I was growing up and my grandma would just chop the vegetables up and give them to us, so I learned from that."
On her fond childhood memories :
"I love being in nature - growing up in Australia, the beach has always been a big part of my life and I feel very att home and happy there."
On her motivation for working out :
"I think about how good I am going to feel after I work out...
It keeps me mentally fit and positive, so I know I just have to get on and do it. It's important to take care of yourself, because then you can perform at your optimum."
On her expertise in nutritious foods :
"I studied nutrition so I'm a certified health coach. I'm licensed to teach people about healthy eating habits and what not to eat. I love food that's full of life; raw and organic."
On her fondness of entertaining at her home :
"I love to have people over to the house and cook for them and have dinner parties. I cook anything - fish, a roast - it really depends on who's coming and what they feel like and what my husband feels like eating."
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