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Cover Artistik & Sensual Majalah W

WMagazine adalah salah satu majalah fashion yang selalu sukses membuat cover yang artistik.
Dengan sentuhan sensualitas dan figur selebritis yang ditampilkan, cover dan photo session W magz patut diacungi jempol. Seperti edisi Agustus 2012 ini yang menampilkan 2 bintang Hollywood yang bermain di film "Prometheus, Charlize Theron dan aktor Michael Fassbender.
Charlize Theron:
On whether she prefers a death scene or a sex scene:
"It depends on who you’re doing the sex scene with. I don’t have issues being naked [pauses]. That sounds very slutty... What I mean is, I’m not hung up on my body, and I’ve been lucky to work with people I’ve been really comfortable with."
On if she’d go into space after making “Prometheus”:
“If space is not the world of Ridley Scott, I’d go. When I watched Prometheus at a screening, I got so scared, I elbowed the metal chair next to me. I still have a little scar from it.”
On the first time she saw costar Michael Fassbender in a film:
“‘Hunger.’ A friend said, ‘You have to see this movie. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life.’ I thought, Just chill out, okay? But I was absolutely blown away by it. It was, like, all bets are off from now on. This is the guy."
Michael Fassbender :
On how Michael prepped for his 'David' role in "Prometheus":
"At first I was thinking about the Alien films, or Blade Runner—those robots were very human. I decided to make him more robotlike but with human elements within. I looked for inspiration in David Bowie and Greg Louganis... When you read a script, certain images or names pop up, and for some reason, Greg Louganis came up. I knew I wanted to have good posture and a sort of economy of movement. It was the way Louganis walked to the edge of the diving board—I always thought it was mesmerizing."

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