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Duel Supermodel : Tyra Banks VS Bar Refaeli

Dua Supermodel kelas dunia, Tyra Banks dan Bar Refaeli tampil di dua majalah fashion berbeda, dengan pose yang seksi.

Yang pertama Juri sekalugus pendiri ajang 'America's Next Top Model', Tyra Banks tampil di majalah Cosmopolitan Africa Selatan untuk edisi Desember.

 On societal pressures for body image :

'Loving yourself is paramount, no matter what shape, size or color you are. I call it being flawsome: you + your flaws + awesome = flawsome.'

“Don't chase the money, chase the passion.”

Bar Refaeli

Super Model yang juga mantan pacar Leonardo DiCaprio ini terlihat seksi seperti biasa saat tampil sebagai cover majalah Glamour Spanyol edisi Desember. Bar memakai gaun karya Dolce & Gabbana dalam Photo Session nya ini.

On her favorite place to travel :

"Definitely Barcelona. I love it because it reminds me a lot of my home. In Tel Aviv they also have the sea, marvelous people and delightful street life, restaurants and night life. Also, there is a little more artistic trend, you go out and you find statues, gardens, museums. Marvelous."

On her Twitter followers :

"I try and post a photo every day. I think if people follow me it is that important. Well, I will post some for two or three days, acting as if I should not worry. If they are my followers, they hope to see something of my life. It's very fun that people are trying to be part my day to day."

On whether Escada makes her feel feminine and sophisticated :

"No quite, but its how I feel sometimes. I'm not always very feminine and usually have a masculine side. I guess a good scent helps you retrieve your femininity."

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