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Eva Longoria Covers GQ Mexico

Bintang cantik serial 'Desperate Housewives', Eva Longoria tampil seksi di majalah GQ Mexico edisi Desember dengan memakai Lingerie.

Aktris asli Mexico berusia 37 tahun ini, akan segera merilis film terbarunya 'The Baytown Outlaws' pada 4 Desember nanti, dimana ia beradu akting dengan aktor Billy-Bob Thornton.

On how she manages to juggle such a hectic schedule :

"I do not stop for a minute. I feel like my day had 48 hours, I like to lead a busy life. My mother raised four daughters (one of whom has special needs), worked as a teacher and every day, at 6:00 pm, cook dinner for my dad and for us, and every morning we also had the breakfast, so I see my mother and think, 'I'm not doing enough.'"

On how often she travels to Mexico :

"I'm going to Mexico whenever I can. I love Mexico City, Guadalajara love ... I shot a film in Mexico with Andy Garcia, Cristiada, in six different states, including Durango and Mexico City. I love Andy Garcia, did another movie together called The Dark Truth, a political thriller that takes place in South America and revolves around the struggle for clean groundwater. And I'm about to start filming the border, with Ed Harris and Michael Peña: we will shoot in New Mexico and the plot has to do with the border issue, precisely. It is a film that tries to address, from a more humane approach, the struggle of people crossing into 'northern' in search of work."


On her thoughts about being considered one of the world's sexiest women :

"Ah, I always feel flattered when I say that! [Laughs] I hope people perceive me as beautiful in everything I do in relation to works of charity and philanthropy, or political activism. For me, those are the things that define beauty. The beauty lies mainly on personality, not on skin."



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