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Collin Farrel On Men's Health

Collin Farrell yang baru aja merilis film barunya "Total Recall" tampil di majalah Men's Heath edisi September 2012.

On being an action hero:
"I didn't think I'd go back to action again. I was doing things that were a bit more... cerebral. But I feel good. I mean, I'm tired - you can get very weak, and you get kind of banged about. You wind up having a s**tload of fun, but after four months I'm beat."
On being a man remade:
"I live a clean lifestyle. OK, so I don't put the same level of energy into healthy living as I did into unhealthy living. I put an enormous amount of energy into the destruction of my body and if I put the same amount into treating my body in a positive way, that too would end up being a sickness. But I eat really well, drink loads of green tea, and take a s**tload of vitamins. I want to live for as long as f**king possible now. I have two boys that I want to see grow up." 
On his ambitions :
"I honestly, I just want to have fun. I know that's grossly broad and unspecific. I mean, yeah, I want to make good films. I don't want to rip people off and have them paying $15 to see a film, and then come out of the film and go 'well, that was s**t'. I don't want to be in those films, I really don't. And I want to be as decent and supportive of a dad and friend as I can be, and to travel the world like I used to with my mind, but now with my body. I want to be inspired by what I'm able to do. Because I'm a lucky b**stard."

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