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Sofia Vergara : Better Sex Issue !

Sofia Vergara kembali tampil dalam cover majalah, kali ini Sofia tampil Sexy & Curvy untuk majalah Women's Health Africa Selatan edisi Juli 2012. Seperti biasa, Si Sexy dari Colombia pemain serial "Modern Family" ini selalu tampil menggoda kayak gini nih, bikin puyeng . xoxo.
On how life has changed since she got the role of Gloria on 'Modern Family':
"It's changed a lot, of course. 20 Y is I'm much happier today that was before [laughs]. I've been in this business for 22 years; I was used to attention, but this show has taken it to a whole new level."
On how she deals with her sex symbol status :
"Well, at my age it's a surprise, no? I'm competing against girls who are 15 years younger than me. I'm proud to be competing against them. I think it's great that I'm showing a little bit more of the Latin look all over the world."
On beating thyroid cancer back in 2000 :
"I had radiation therapy. I was very lucky. My cancer wasn't in a crazy stage; it was a coincidence that I found it - I had no symptoms or anything. But it changes you just to hear you have cancer."
On her son having moved away to college :
"I think I text him every 45 minutes. I have to control myself. He doesn't answer much. But I still text him. So I feel we're connected."

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