Miranda Kerr : HOT Momma InStyle Magz

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super "Hot Momma" Model, Miranda Kerr tampil Flawless di majalah InStyle terbitan Australia edisi Juni 2012,
 Her motto when it comes to living:
"Life is about a balance and it's about having fun and enjoying yourself."
On her style:
"I would say my style is relaxed and generally understated. I think fashion can really be an expression of how you're feeling. Some days you might be feeling a little sexy, you might want to vamp it up a little, and other days you might want to be more casual, and I think that fashion is a good way of expressing that."
On who she looks up to:
"Definitely Audrey Hepburn is a style icon. If it comes to red carpet, I think that Angelina Jolie has wonderful red-carpet looks."
On her relationship with Orlando:
"Believe it or not, [Orlando's] a vewry private man and I'm a little more out there. I think that's why we get along."

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