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Balenciaga FW17.18 Ready-To-Wear

“At Balenciaga, wearing the clothes inspires new clothes. That’s the way we work here,” 

Demna Gvasalia was explaining the provenance of the swept-to-one-shoulder frontages of the tailoring at the beginning of the show. 

“I went through almost 30 years of photographs of Cristóbal’s lookbooks, and in many of them the models were clutching their coats like this.” 

So he made the design follow the gesture, and that accounted for the off-kilter buttoning of the coats, jackets, duffels, and puffers. (Somehow, that equals elegance and cool—that’s the Demna part!)

As distinct from his street-based Vetements collection, Gvasalia says he has set himself the goal of capturing “modern sophistication” for the couture house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga a century ago.

 “I like ease and wearability. These words nonchalance and attitude—I don’t know what the new synonyms are for them, but that’s it.”

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Balenciaga FW17.18 Ready-To-Wear Balenciaga FW17.18 Ready-To-Wear Reviewed by Zackylicious on Sunday, March 12, 2017 Rating: 5
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