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Rihanna Cover Harper's Bazaar

Rihanna hadir kali ini sebagai cover majalah Fashion, Harper's Bazaar edisi Agustus, tampil Glamour dan sexy dan ber-pose Artistik dalam busana milik Tom Ford, Rihanna bercerita tentang Cinta, Hidup dan kariernya dimajalah tersebut.
 On love :
"I don’t know if there’s something going on with my body right now, but I’m eating everything in life!” she laughs. “I miss my a**. It just went away! I need a butt. I have an idea of one, but it’s not living up to its full potential right now."
On how she's yet to open up again in relationships, after being so badly hurt in the past :
"When I was in love, I fell so hard. I was really, really, really in love. The way it made me feel was priceless. And in a blink of an eye my whole life changed. Everything that I knew was different. I never thought I’d feel that pain in my life. I’m afraid of feeling that again."

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