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Katy Perry Tampil BEDA !

Hampir pangling liat Katy Perry saat tampil dalam featured majalah Vogue terbaru edisi Italia. Katy tampil dengan memakai Wig Blonde bob pendek dan riasan wajah yang Glamour + Smoky Eyes, dan tetap terlihat cantik, walo agak sedikit aneh.
 On showing her behind-the-scenes self in "Katy Perry: Part of Me":
"I am not afraid to show the real me, the de-glamorized version, because I am not always the Katy Perry who is a bit cartoon-like that everyone relates to. That's me on stage. But I like to show the entire spectrum of my personality. There are so many different Katy Perrys enclosed within one body, unfortunately."
On her tastes being "eclectic":
"I like small boutiques, handmade garments, ornamental details. It all depends on how I am when I wake up. But, by and large, I like anything that is fun. One of my favorite American designers is Jeremy Scott: I adore him because he doesn't play along, and I do the same."
On where she gets her look :
"I say this even if I may sound egocentric: they are my ideas. But, obviously, I am helped by a stylist, my fired Wujek."

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