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One Direction On GQ British Magz

Boyband, One Direction tampil di cover majalah GQ British edisi September.

 Hampir di setiap penampilan mereka sebagai cover majalah, pasti pihak majalah akan membuatkan 5 cover masing-masing personil, entah karena biar lebih detail, atau hanya ingin meningkatkan penjualan oplah. Entahlah !!

Simak wawancaranya aja deh :

Harry Styles
'[DJ Nick Grimshaw and I] are not dating, no. We're just friends. Bisexual? Me? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not. Some [rumors] are funny. Some of them are ridiculous. Some of them are annoying. I don't want to be one of those people that complain about the rumors. I never like it when a celebrity goes on Twitter and says, 'This isn't true!" It is what it is; I tend not to do that. The only time it gets really annoying is that if you get into a relationship and you get into a place where you really like someone and then things are being written in the papers that affect them and how they see you. Then it can get annoying.'

Niall Horan

'We don't have a specific date for the new album, but on the road we will have more time to record and try things out. It'll be a bit heavier. A bit rockier. A bit cooler.'

Liam Payne
'I've come to a point now where I just go wherever people tell me to go. That's what life is like. People say, 'Go here, ' and I oblige... So long as you tell me what object to aim towards, I'll just keep moving.'

Louis Tomlinson
'I don't think it is. The type of girls that would sleep with you in a heartbeat aren't the type of girls I'd want to take home anyway.'

'I want a monument put up in Bradford! They will build statues of us. No, I want to change pop culture...'

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