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Ciara Sexy On Annex Magz

Penyanyi R&B Seksi, Ciara tampil sebagai cover majalah Annex edisi terbaru edisi Maret. Ciara yang belum lama ini merilis album terbarunya berjudul 'One Woman Army', terlihat seksi dan elegant dalam pemotretan kali ini.

Tentang album 'ONE WOMAN ARMY' : I am approaching this record in a different way than I have any other project before. While recording “One Woman Army” I have been running towards my fears and allowing myself to be vulnerable in many ways; for the first time I allowed myself to be completely open in the music making process.  I can honestly say this is the most fun that I’ve ever had making an album.

Tentang Inspirasi nya : I really love listening to artists like Lana Del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, Drake just to name a few. However, I continue to find inspiration from the generation of greats such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna.

Ciara Sexy On Annex Magz Ciara Sexy On Annex Magz Reviewed by Zackylicious on Saturday, March 16, 2013 Rating: 5
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