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Eva Mendes On Glamour Magazine

Aktris sexy berdarah Kuba, Eva Mendes terlihat Glamour dan Sexy di Majalah Fashion Glamour edisi November 2012.

On her workout routine:
"I run four to five times a week in the hills with my dog. And I train diligently with my coach, Johanna."

On keeping her skin flawless:
"I exfoliate and hydrate tirelessly. I have a weakness for Creme de la Mer or care of Dr. Perricone. And I do a facial every two-three weeks at Cristina Radu, the best "facialist" Beverly Hills. For the body, I swear by the Angel and scrub coconut oil, so nourishing. Not to mention a good massage, if possible."

On her diet:
"Never meat, especially here, in the States. I eat fish, cereals and vegetables. And a little sugar from time to time, I'm human!"

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