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Cheryl Cole Looks So Glamour

Cheryl Cole hadir sebagai cover majalah Glamour UK edisi November 2012.

Cheryl yang baru saja mengadakan reuninya bersama Girls Aloud, Girlband yang membesarkan namanya dulu, dengan merilis single terbaru mereka "Something New".
Dalam wawancaranya bersama Glamour, Cheryl bercerita banyak, mulai dari cerita tentang kisah pahitnya diselingkuhi oleh mantan suaminya, Pe-sepakbloa Ashley Cole, sampai ke cerita Bully yang sering dialaminya.

On dealing with her ex-husband, Ashley Cole :
"It takes a long time after you've been with someone as long as I was [with Ashley] not to feel like you're cheating on them. That may sound crazy, but it's the way I felt after him. I had completely committed myself."

On her dating preferences :
"Dating someone who's not in the industry can be difficult but dating someone in the limelight has its own problems. Everything is intensified. If I fell in love with a binman I'd be happy but if I fell in love some really famous man I feel like that would belong to the media."

On cyber bullying :
"You can't call someone who's a size six fat. An average woman is a size ten to 12, so if you're calling me fat because I'm a size six, and I have never ever been bigger than an eight, you're causing women some serious issues. When you're on the receiving end of it, it's nothing short of bullying in the workplace."

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