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Sexiest France : Marion VS Berenice !

Dua aktris cantik asal Prancis hadir sebagai cover di dua majalah fashion berbeda, Marion Cotillard di Marie Claire Magazine dan aktris pendatang baru yang akan menjadi Gadis Bond di film James Bond terbaru, Berenice Marlohe tampil di majalah GQ British.
 Berenice Marlohe On GQ British August
 Marion Cotillard On Marie Claire UK - August
On her sense of loneliness as a child:
"I had my own world and it wasn't very happy. I was not a very sociable kid. I didn't really know what to do with myself when I was young."
On having a difficult time dealing with jealousy by others:
"I was confronted by jealousy very, very early on, and when you're a kid it's hard to be different."
On what she'd be if she weren't a Hollywood star:
"I believe that you are where you should be and I believe that things that happen to you happen for a reason. So if it had never happened it would have been because I was meant to do something else."

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