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Sexy Ladies On Magz Cover

2 aktris cantik hadir sebagai cover di dua majalah dunia, Leighton Meester dan Dianne Kruger. (Luv 'em Both)
 Dianne Kruger On Amica Magz June

On playing Marie Antoinette:
"When I was brought onto the film, I thought I had nothing in common with Marie Antoinette. Then I began to discover strange coincidences that bound me to her and the film. Meanwhile, I was born on July 15. My mother's name Maria-Theresa, the Empress as Queen Mother. I am German, but at the end of 1700 Germany was part of the Habsburg Empire. And I, like Marie Antoinette, arrived in Paris at an early age without speaking the language."
 On 'Farewell, My Queen' compared to Sofia Coppola's 2006 picture 'Marie Antoinette':
"They're very different films. In Sofia's, [Marie Antoinette] is a young girl with her head in the clouds, which is only about clothes and parties. Moreover, the film begins long before 1789. On my hand, Marie Antoinette has grown, is a woman who suffers from an affair, who suddenly discovers that the real world is very, very far from that of her dreams. It is the queen of a kingdom is crumbling. In short, a complex character, even painful, that I really understood by reading her biography, written by Stefan Zweig. Gabrielle's escape is her almost a premonition of the tragic end. Here, I present this woman without judging it, but without even making an icon, as with the frivolous girl Sofia Coppola's movie."
 On her relation with her native land of Germany:
"I shot three films in Berlin. I often return to Germany to be with family."
On the 2012 Cannes Film Festival - where she's a jury member:
"It's a great honor. And then I'm happy to know and work with Moretti, a filmmaker that I admire. And to be part of a jury where there is Jean Paul Gaultier. I owe a lot to Cannes, my most important achievements have always been cast on those screens."

 Leighton Meester On Glamour Mexico : June
 On the last time she felt like a princess:
"I was recently in London with Vera Wang for the launch of a perfume and I felt so glamorous! She is so sophisticated, we met many magazines publishers and went to Harrod’s, everything really impressed me."
On if she has any beauty tips:
”I’m the worst at this (laughs). I always say less is more when it comes to make up and hair. but I do believe that if you are healthy you will always look better. Sure, I say this after having eaten a mac & cheese, but I try to take vitamins, eat vegetables and salads, fresh juices and do yoga.”
On what she does outside of acting:
"I love music, writing and being with my family. I love traveling. I travel a lot, but almost always for work. I am thrilled to get a vacation, all I want to do is eat, sleep and swim all the time with my family in Florida."
 On whether there's much competition in her world:
"I will not lie, yes there is competition. My character on Gossip Girl is an example, always trying to manipulate and hurt people. Knowing that there are other realities is refreshing."

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