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Lovelly Actress On Cover Magz

2 Aktris Hollywood, Claire Danes dan Blake Lively tampil sebagai cover di dua majalah berbeda.
 Blake Lively On Bullet Magazine : Summer 2012 Issue
On being excited for 'Gossip Girl' to end :
"I think the best way to describe it is like someone who really enjoyed high school, and is like, I’m a senior and I can’t wait for the next thing!"
On being slow to build friendships/relationships :
"The way that I meet people is the same way that I’ve always met people. It might be weird if I was on JDate, but I’m not, so that’s good. I meet so many people in passing at parties, but I’ve never been a person who’s like, I know I just met you, but let’s exchange numbers and be best friends."
On studying for her 'Savages' role of Ophelia :
"I started thinking about the state of young people these days. In my character’s situation, her mom is off with nine different husbands and her dad left her when she was a kid. She has nobody to learn from, so she’s making her own mistakes. Dad takes a hike and now she’s hiking up her dress for two guys. You don’t think there’s a parallel there? These kids are very much the product of this cynical generation."
Oliver Stone on 'Savages' :
"It touches on many things that I like: family, power, greed, murder, death, the border of Mexico and the U.S., and cartels. A lot of it—the sex, violence, and drugs—was probably scary and challenging for Blake, who seems like she comes from a nice family. It ain’t a Disney World ride and it certainly ain’t the Upper East Side."
Claire Danes On Harper's Bazaar Magz

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