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Ke$ha Cinta America

Popstar yang udah lama ga kedengeran lagu barunya, Ke$ha, hadir sebagai cover majalah V Edisi khusus Americana Issue.
 Sesuai tema, ke$ha tampil memakai wardrobe dan muka yang dilukis bermotif bendera amerika. 

"I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with s*** on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels.  Everything I sing, I write,' she said. 'Love it or hate it, it all comes from me. I have wild, wild nights there, But my friends and I are all really private. We get fucking crazy, but you’re not going to see me stumbling out of nightclubs." Ujar Ke$ha.
Ke$ha Cinta America Ke$ha Cinta America Reviewed by Zackylicious on Thursday, May 03, 2012 Rating: 5
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