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Artikel Rossa Di Website Amerika !!

Baru-baru ini sebuah Artikel tentang Rossa dimuat disalah satu Website Entertainment Amerika Global Grind (salah satu referensi ane nge-Blog juga nih). Global Grind menyebut Rossa sebagai penyanyi bersuara luar biasa dan akan menjadi The Next Face Of American Music.
Rossa emank udah mulai mencoba untuk melakukan gebrakan karier International nya, setelah duetnya bersama Joe Flizzow dalam lagu "One Night Lover" yang akhirnya memberikan kesempatan untuknya tampil disebuah acara fashion show di Amerika beberapa waktu lalu.
Disana Rossa melantunkan beberapa lagu termasuk lagu "One Night Lover". Rossa di undang koleganya, DJ Jeremy Hills yang mengajaknya menghadiri New York Fashion Week dan menghadiri sebuah pesta di Double Seven Club, sebuah klub malam cukup terkenal di sana.
Dipsoting oleh seorang bernama Brittany Snow pada 2 Mei lalu, Rossa sempat di wawancara secara ekslusive :
What are some of your musical inspirations?
Rossa: I’m really into the pop scene. I like Jennifer Lopez, some music from Rihanna, even though she sings more R&B, but I love the way she sings. I like Katy Perry too.

How does the music industry differ in Indonesia from here in America?
Actually it’s quite the same because artists like Justin Bieber are always sold out. They listen to American music, and the local artists sing Indonesian songs.

So how long have you been famous, where you can’t walk the streets by yourself?

My career really kicked off in 2000. Yeah, I had a concert in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Singapore was October 2011, and a year before I had a concert in Malaysia. The wife of the Prime Minister was my guest of honor, and the concert had 12,000 people. The stadium was big.

Who would you compare yourself to? Are you like the Beyoncé of Indonesia or maybe Rihanna?
I don’t know! Probably Adele, because she does ballad songs more than upbeat songs.

Is it better for an Indonesian artist to sing in English?
If we want to sell in Indonesia, we probably have to stick to the Indonesian language, but I want to step out further because my records are released in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for those Asians who speak Bahasa. I think English songs would be better in the future because I want to expand to the Philippines and Thailand. English is real easy to absorb. You can find common ground.

Do you plan on making a complete transition to English material?
Those collaborations and associations are exactly what we’re trying to do. We’re open for anything, but if we still want to sell in Asia, basically Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, I can probably mix English with Bahasa and Indonesian culture because that would be interesting.
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