Cameron Diaz : Wonderful Fourty

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cameron Diaz tetap terlihat Amazing diusia nya yang akan masuk kepala 4 bulan Agustus nanti. Cameron membuktikan hal itu dimajalah InStyle, dimana ia jadi cover majalah tersebut untuk edisi Mei 2012.
 Cameron akan segera merilis film terbarunya "What To Expect When You're Expecting" 18 Mei ini.
Obrolan CamD bersama InStyle :
Tentang Kehidupannya :
"I'm living my life as a journey. My quest is to make it better every year."
 Tentang persahabatan :
"Good friendship is basic: Be good to one another, be thoughtful, enrich one another's lives. I learn so much from my girlfriends, and I love it."
Tentang Fim :
"What I love about movies is how many people they can reach. I don't make a movie because I think, This is something I want to say. I just want people to laugh, to cry, to feel."

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