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An Intimate Look Inside The Mind Of SZA


A lot has happened to SZA since we last spoke in the summer of 2017. 

A platinum album. Five Grammy nominations. Zero Grammy wins. Her own hashtag (#JusticeForSZA). A sell-out tour. An endorsement from Barack Obama. Collaborations with Solange, Cardi B and, of course, Kendrick Lamar on the anthemic Black Panther soundtrack lead, All the Stars. But right now she’s only looking forward. A second album beckons, and with it comes all kinds of complexity, uncertainty and chaos. What could be more exciting? CTRL + ALT + DEL, SZA starts again.

Thanks To Sony Muisc Indonesia

"I feel empowered right now, but probably not in the way you imagine, or for the reasons you think. But I do. I feel empowered because I broke down my fears. I released an album, I did a tour and I was my honest self in front of a lot of people. These were really hard things for me at one point, now they seem so much easier. Every light, every show, every time, it blows my mind away. Every moment is an experience to learn from; a moment for growth and understanding."

'Love is my religion right now. When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad (as Abraham Lincoln said, allegedly). When I’m an asshole, it’s not a good day. When I’m helping people that I don’t know, that’s the quickest way to get me out of a shit mood. I learn that more and more. I’m also learning that I don’t know anything. These thoughts accumulate and become something, and it connects you to this energy source that can act as momentum. I mean, I don’t know anything about this shit. I can only gather what little I know and try to make sense of it. Try and be a better person. Try and better serve the world. It’s all generated by yourself. I feel like you can’t really blame anybody else for the heaven and hell you create for yourself.'

Photography Petra Collins
Styling Carlos Nazario
Hair Randy Stodghill at OPUS Beauty using Oribe. 
Make-up Samuel Paul at Forward Artists using Chanel Beauty. 
Prop stylist Natalie Ziering. Photography assistance Moni Haworth and Steve Yang. 
Styling assistance Anna Devereux, Giovanni Beda, Mohammed Diallo, Alicia Liu, Verper Wolfe, Kenny Paul and Jack Eustace. 
Seamstress Susie Kourinian. Production Suzy Kang and Beau Bright at GE Projects.


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