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Jill Maria On Alwayz Therro Magz

Jill Maria feautured on Alwayz Therro Magazine Januari 2017 Issue.

The Romanian Beauty has big ventures to focus on along with her acting career in Calgary, Canada.

She hopes to support where she originally came from and specifically support orphanages and children. Jill is putting out her first lotions and scents line with Nicholson Naturals, which will begin her goal of give back from funds made. Jill is mistaken for being many different cultures, but she is originally the youngest of twelve and was a Romanian born orphan with Jewish origins. However she grew up with British cultured influences.

At the age of three and a half she was adopted by Canadian Journalists from Ontario. Jill found her passion in film in her mid twenty's in Calgary. In four hard working years she is one of the stars of the Amazon Prime show, Go Fish by Zulie Alnahas. 

Amazon Prime announced its streaming expansion deal of 200 countries, so Canada and Europe will get to see the show!

In 2016 Jill changed her look a few times, she sported dreads and her usual look with long wavy dark hair. She also colored her hair blonde for a made for festivals and Amazon Prime film, Old Coffee (2017) by Go Fish Ltd. In the fall of 2016 the actress was cast to model for Luxe by Calgary Bride (2017) shot by Kristi Sneddon. The bridal guide magazine is on shelves in Chapters/Indigo all year.  Jill wears many hats, she is as well a voting member of The Junos (2016, 2017) and the YYC Music Awards (2016). 

Surprisingly,  J.M does not run or have social media for herself anymore, but is seen in many magazines and media sites. She felt she had to focus on her work and not compare her self to USA talent and just do her best in Canada. Calgary only has over a million people, so the market is smaller and it's not easy to "make it" world wide. 

Jill was most recently in a Romanian Documentary by Destiny Productions about being a Romanian Canadian. Throughout the past year Jill has appeared on Calgary's local station, Shaw TV on; Soul Work by Jeni Cousins with Joey Pringle, which aired for three weeks. She was cast in a City Palate commercial by In-Houze Productions which aired for months. Jill's latest interview on Shaw TV was the Liv Daily show hosted by Sean Liv in January. 

You can live stream Shaw TV Calgary from anywhere!

Jill Maria is now in pre-production to host her own talk show this year! The Diversity Magazine show is an interview show for the people in the magazine, culture and passion will be talked about!

Credits :
Photography : Rafal Wegiel
Accessories : Anne B
Dress : H&M 

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