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Kristen Stewart On Bazaar UK

Kristen Stewart tampil dengan memakai pakaian dan aksesoris dari Chanel saat jadi cover majalah Harper's Bazaar terbitan Inggris edisi bulan Juni.

Dengan di besut oleh fotografer, Alexi Lubormirski dan pengarah gaya, Miranda Almond, Kristen tampak stunning (as usual) dalam pemotretan yang serba Chanel itu.

'Having that much human energy thrust at you and then being critically analysed is obviously disarming. Control issues make me so nervous. It’s not knowing what’s going to happen. So what people were seeing was what happens when you are terrified. My palms sweat, my knees shake, I don’t think I can stand in my heels, I’m breathing heavily, I feel nauseous. I’ll be so nervous and then my body creates something to calm me down and I get so tired I’ll just...'

‘I’ve taken a step back and relinquished a bit of control. Now, I just breeze through, though there are some things I still get very nervous about. I’m still really personally invested. You could sit down with me in a five-minute interview on camera and really rough me up. It’s not hard to get me upset. I started out in situations that were quite foreign to me, photo shoots, famous photographers, having to deal with designers. I felt quite out of place and young. And I remember meeting some of the worst people you could possibly imagine. Just soul-sucking, cut-throat fashion people, the full-on Devil Wears Prada. '

'And then I also met some others who were so respectful and natural and creative and involving. Everyone I ever met from Chanel was wonderful, and working with them has been amazing.’
So Chanel couture is her armour? ‘Definitely.’ Karl Lagerfeld is, for her, ‘a well’ of knowledge about everything. ‘As an outsider, I thought, “He’s probably insanely pretentious”; but he’s the opposite of what you’d assume. He’s funny and quick and can talk to you about anything, from film stock to Roman fountains, or completely nail a photographer or break down a situation quite candidly.’

‘I was intimidated, in all honesty, I was not only out of my element culturally but working with one of the most renowned French actresses of all time. So it was a quick process of proving myself to her and to myself, too, I guess. Within the first meeting, you either share that spark or you don’t. And we loved each other.’ 

‘I find it so funny that, purely by coincidence, I happen to add an irony to some of those lines, but that was not for a second acceptable to me. It’s a great part, but you would take the irony out of it. I’d be a playing a sensationalised version of myself to make a comment on how ridiculous it all is. But to play the more subdued, peripheral, observant role was very satisfying, obviously. I was loving the words so much that I was grinning inside.’ The experience of being a celebrity – rootless and alienated, spoilt, spotlit and alone – is, she says ‘very accurate. Obviously I know that very well’.

Read the full interview with Kristen in the June issue of Harper's Bazaar - out on Thursday 30 April. 

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