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Nicole Kidman On THR Magz

Nicole Kidman tampil memukau dengan aura bintangnya di cover majalah The Hollywood Reporter edisi Februari, special Sundance issue.

Aktris yang masih terlihat cantik dalam usia 45 tahun ini juga akan bermain sebagai Grace Kelly untuk film Biopic yang saat ini tengah proses syuting.

Wawancara Nicole dengan majalah The Hollywood Reporter :

"My heart is independent. I come from Australia, I was trained in indie movies. It's an unconscious decision -- it's who I am. As an actor, you live and die by your choices. I don't associate with mainstream films anymore. I don't do so well in them, either. I guess I have a foot in both worlds. I've been offered some studio films this year and turned them down. They just didn't align with who I am."

On her husband, country singer Keith Urban :

On her hopes and aspirations :

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