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Salma Hayek On Vogue Magz

Bintang Sexy asal Meksiko, Salma Hayek menunjukkan kelas nya sebagai Selebritis Elegant saat tampil nyaris sempurna di cover majalah Vogue edisi September terbitan Jerman.
Istri pengusaha Konglomerat Francoise Henry Pinault ini masih tampak mengagumkan di usia nya yang sudah kepala empat.

"[It was] a wonderful and yet strange experience. We all rehearsed for a week and exchanged line. He wanted us to think of ourselves a bit and surprise him. He has encouraged me to improvise a lot. Subsequently, he has picked the best moments and added them into the script." 

On working with Adam Sandler :
"Adam is the best boss that you can imagine. We have set up our quarters about half a mile outside of Boston. Everyone in the team has daughters of about the same age, who are best friends. Adam brings presents for [my daughter] on set. There's even a pool with lifeguards for them. And he has organized a camp in which all participants may bring their children in the morning. He treats us splendidly, the environment is simply beautiful and down to earth. It's like a trailer park. We all put our chairs in front of the campers, everyone talks to everyone, and in the evening there's a barbecue."

On her goals for the future:
"I dream of a film that inspires people and gives them a whole new perspective on life. Khalil Gibran's prophet to produce an animation film is a challenge. After all, this book cult with a million copies worldwide. In my father's side Arab blood flows, and this project provides a great opportunity, something closer to the people of this culture that says that they can live with the rest of the universe in harmony. This is my way of trying to bring people together."

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