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Duel Super Kate !

Sudah menjadi "makanan" sehari-hari bagi para Super Model untuk beraksi didepan kamera, berbagai macam pose udah mereka lakukan dalam setiap Photo Session. Dan kali ini dua Super Model bernama "Kate" hadir sebagai cover majalah-majalah fashion dunia, Kate Moss di majalah Glamour dan Kate Upton di majalah The Sunday Times UK.
 Kate Moss For Glamour Germany - August Issue
On if she shops online :
"Not really. Sometimes a portion by Isabel Marant. More likely basics."
On what look newcomers must have for her to wear them :
"A little punk. Sooner or later I end up somehow always on the punk."
On how it works when she is styling :
"It's all very spontaneous. Stuff flies around. For that matter, I'm not very organized."
On if she's 'bling-bling' or plain :
"I think it is usually simple in jewelry. In general, one should not exaggerate."
Kate Upton On The Sunday Times UK Magz
 "I'm not going to starve just to be thin. I want to enjoy life and I can't if I'm not eating and miserable." Ujar si sexy yang pernah bikin heboh saat menjadi cover model majalah Sport Illustrated ini.
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