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Andrew "Spidy" Garfield On Magz Covers

Pemeran Spiderman baru, Andrew Garfield mulai jadi pusat perhatian dunia, peran sebagai Peter Parker / Spiderman membuat namanya kian melambung belakangan ini, ga hanya di film, wajah Andrew kian sering nongol di cover-cover majalah dunia.
Andrew tampil Charming sebagai cover majalah GQ UK dan Majalah Nylon Guys Edisi Juli 2012.

Nylon Magazine - Juli

On himself :
"I’m very introspective. I’m working on it because sometimes it can tip over into too much, and it becomes debilitating. I’ve got a lot to think about right now because of my life changing because of the play, and this movie [The Amazing Spider-Man]."

On becoming a household name :
"The exposure that’s going to come with [Spider-Man] doesn’t make me happy, and I’ve discovered that I do just want to be an actor – I don’t have any interest in being a movie star. I’m finding out where that distinction is."
On the critics' response to his Broadway efforts :
"I haven’t read any. I keep my head down. That’s something I struggle with – the whole validation thing. You know, like, we all need validation as human beings. We all need a pat on the back occasionally – like, the monkey gets a banana, or, ‘You’re doing all right, keep going.’ But I started to depend on it, and really need it."

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