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Victoria Beckham : Interview Magz

Istri David Beckhan yang Fashionable, Victoria Beckham tampil sebagai cover majalah Interview terbitan Jerman untuk edisi terbaru, Juli 2012.
Ibu 4 anak ini mengungkapkan, dia hanya manusia biasa,
"I'm Not A Miserable, Nor The Best Singer" Ujarnya.

On not being a miserable person :
"Yes, I created this persona and I'm very different from that. I don't feel like I have to scream and shout about it - I know I am a happy person. So I don't get upset when people comment on the fact that I look quite miserable all the time. But people think I am. And you know, sometimes I think the same thing when I look at the pictures."
On finally finding her calling :
"Was music my talent really? No, I don't think I was particularly talented. With the other girls, the five of us all really worked together. But talented? I sound a bit odd to myself."

Victoria Beckham : Interview Magz Victoria Beckham : Interview Magz Reviewed by Zackylicious on Thursday, May 31, 2012 Rating: 5
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