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The Super Sim Katy Perry

Super Sexy Pop Star, Katy Perry tampil sexy sebagai salah satu Featured majalah Maxim terbaru. Dengan pakaian serba hitam dan rambut yang juga sengaja di itemin sementara untuk PhotoShoot ini.
You just scored your seventh No. 1 single. How did you celebrate?
"It’s like the record that never ends! I definitely did one of those “I’m not the father” dances from the Maury Povich show. It feels awesome!"
Now fans get to be you on the Sims 3 expansion pack, Showtime. How’d that happen?
"I actually identify more as a gamer than people would think. I’m not typic­ally up late playing games that involve massacring people, but The Sims is my vibe because it’s an alternate reality. I feel like a cartoon anyway, and now I’m a Sim! And, yes, you can tailor the size of a female Sim’s chest."
Why expand on Teenage Dream?
"Originally, I could only put 12 songs on it, so I had to leave a few off. I don’t want to be an entitled bitch who thinks everyone knows who I am. There are still people who are discovering me, so it was like, look, if you haven’t jumped in with me yet, here’s your last chance!"
Penampilan Gothic Ungu Katy Perry beberapa hari lalu dalam sebuah acara.
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