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Nicole Sexy Bikini On Maxim

Nicole Scherzinger tampil dengan Bikini Sexy di majalah Maixm terbaru terbitan Australia, kekasih Lewis Hamilton sedang sibuk mempromosikan film perdananya "Men In Black 3" bersama Aktor Will Smith.
On if a guy dancing with no cares catches her eye :
"Uh, that might scare me. Sometimes guys take it too far when they’re dancing. I’d be like, 'OK, dude. You need to settle down and have some control.'"
 On if she just lets the beat take over when dancing:
"Yeah, I transport to another place. I don’t know what my body is gonna do. I just listen to what the music tells me and kind of blank out. I turn into a beast."
On her girl crushes:
"Halle Berry. She’s just naturally gorgeous… I love her smile. Wait, I sound like a dude – I’ve got to snap out of it!"
On if she kept any traditions from growing up in Hawaii and Kentucky:
"I’m just a down-home Southern girl. I love making chicken and dumplings and Kentucky Derby pie. And from Hawaii I’ve got a love of paddle surfing. I love visiting family in both places."
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