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4 Super Model Di 4 Majalah

4 Model kelas dunia tampil menunjukkan kualitas mereka sebagai cover majalah fashion, Mila Jovovich, Kate Moss, Coco Rocha dan Irina Shayk.

 Kate Moss On Harper's Bazaar Magz edisi Juni 2012
 Aura super model yang dimiliki oleh Kate Moss blom memudar, walo usianya saat ini udah 38 tahun.
Liat selengkapnya disini :Harper's Bazaar

Irina Shayk : Cosmopolitan Magz
 Coco Rocha On Elle Magz

Mila Jovovich - Madame Figaro Magz
Model yang belakangan lebih ngetop sebagai bintang film, Mila Jovovich, ber-transformasi menjadi Marylin Monroe saat tampil sebagai cover majalah terbitan Prancis, Madame Figaro edisi terbaru.
On how the photo shoot with Ellen von Unwerth went:
"It was fabulous. The house where we shot at Mount Olympus, a district of Hollywood, was built in 1958 and has clearly not moved since. Thanks to the gentleman of 96 years who lives there, the house retains its character: threadbare carpet and threadbare and tattered curtains! My daughter (Ever Gabo, 4 years) had joined us, I had to send it to my mother, who lives two blocks away. She kept sneezing, as her nose was covered with dust! I am not a neat freak, but I preferred to avoid a health crisis."
On how she went about channeling the character of Marilyn:
"Ellen has a pretty crazy sense of humor. We are part of Marilyn, with the stylist, then we forced the line: a stronger makeup, a hair less wise, cleavage more challenging, to Jayne Mansfield. Distance between fun and great affection for the character.
On how her daughter is different from her:
"She's a year younger than me when I arrived in the United States from the former USSR. At school, it made me feel like I came from another planet. Ever has a Russian mother, an English father and she joined the French School in Los Angeles.... Russian Traditional education does not leave much room for the child, or their opinion. We had to fight to make our voices heard. For now, Ever fights only on the mat in Taekwondo! "
On what she'd like to be:
"Stay at home mom! Take more time for my personal life and my family is ... an interesting concept for a workaholic like me! I want my daughter to have fixed hours for his return. So, I take a break: more shooting at the other end of the world for now. But I prepare four pieces with musician friends, and a video directed by Simon Cahn, a young French director. Ever calls me a little sister. My husband and I do not do anything to get one, but nothing to prevent it either..."
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