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Andy Cohen In ELLE DECOR

The October cover of ELLE DECOR, hitting newsstands Tuesday, September 5, features Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen.

 Exclusive On Zackylicious

The TV iconoclast takes the magazine on an exclusive tour of his Greenwich Village duplex, which designer Eric Hughes transformed into a fun, fabulous, and flamboyant clubhouse for Cohen and his coterie of famous friends.

See below for quotes from Andy and his friend and neighbor Sarah Jessica Parker.

·         While Cohen’s apartment is almost always primed for entertaining, cooking doesn’t happen much: “I barely cook, to be honest.”

·         He secured the upper level of his duplex after he heard from his doorman that the elderly resident of the unit above his own was dying: “I began doing that creepy New York thing of asking, ‘How’s my neighbor?’ Then the guy passed away, and my doorman and super were looking at me like I’d killed him.”

·         On his dog Wacha’s fame: “I have more paintings of Wacha than you would believe. When you’re a talk-show host with a dog…people send you things.”


·         Sarah Jessica Parker on Andy’s style and their get-togethers at his home: “That flowered wallpaper, that yellow buffalo plaid on the couch, are so divinely Andy. They’re whimsical but weighted in something grown-up. I sneak out to Andy’s place when I have a half hour, and we’ll have a drink and catch up.”

Read The Full Andy's Interview On ELLE DECOR

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