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Kendall in Couture: The Fashion & The Interview

Kendall Jenner tampil high fashion dan elegan dalam cover majalah Harper's Bazaar US Cover Subscriber edisi Mei 2015.

Kendall memang benar-benar telah ber-transformasi menjadi seorang model papan atas, terbukti dengan semakin banyaknya ia tampil di runway brand-brand ternama, jadi brand ambassador produk kosmetik, Estee Lauder, dll.

Hal itu seharusnya sudah cukup menjadi bukti agar ktirikus tak lagi meng-under estimate Kendall, dan selalu menganggapnya hanya mengandalkan nama besar Kardashian untuk mendongkrak karirnya.

Dalam wawancaranya dengan Laura Brown, Kendall banyak bercerita tentang karir modelnya, sahabat-sahabat sesama model, Cara, Joan, GiGi dan kesannya saat pertama kali bertemu Uncle Karl Lagerfeld, yang juga bertindak sebagai fotografer dalam pemotretan kali ini.

Kendall wearing Valentino Haute Couture

Kendall memakai beberapa gaun koleksi Haute Couture karya Atelier Versace, Dior, Armani Prive, Valentino dan pastinya Chanel dalam pemotretannya.

On Karl Lagerfeld calling her the “girl of the moment” :

'I started this hoping that it would have longevity. I didn’t come into this thinking it’s going to be a fun thing that I’m going to do on the side. It’s something I want to do my whole life. It’s a career, so I needed to be really gentle with it. We had to pick and choose things very specifically.'

Wearing Maison Margiela Artisanal By John Galliano

On how she become pals with Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, & Gigi Hadid :
'Just through work. I think it’s super important. You have to be around these girls for work, for parties, for events, for shows, especially. It’s good to have a set of girlfriends that you can stand being around. You have to be around these people all the time!'

Wearing Givenchy By Riccardo Tisci

On whose style she loves :
'I really admire Kim’s style. It’s insane. She really knows how to work her style with her body. I think she could be a major fashion icon. It’s so fun to be in Paris with her, but I’ll walk out and be like, ‘Oh, my God, I love my outfit,’ and then I’ll see Kim and I’ll be like, ‘My outfit sucks compared to yours!’'

Wearing Dior Haute Couture

On her dream date :
'I don’t know, a nice dinner. I love, like, being outside at night. I know that sounds really random, but I love being on the beach or anywhere outside at night. I think it’s beautiful and romantic.'
LB: Blondes or Brunettes, who has more fun?
KJ: I'm a brunette, and I have a lot of fun.

LB: How many pairs of shoes do you have?
KJ: Um, I'm too embarrassed to say. I have a problem—I need to go to rehab for shoe addiction. The last pair I bought was some Giuseppe Zanottis, thigh-high.

Wearing Atelier Versace

LB: Outfit you most regret?

KJ: If I look back at episodes of my shows, I'm like "Oh, God!" In one I'm wearing green denim pants, full neon green.

LB: What's the thing that first attracts you to someone?

KJ: Really beautiful eyes.

Wearing Armani Prive

Wearing Chanel Haute Couture

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