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J.Lo On GHK Magz

Jennifer Lopez tampil sebagai cover majalah Good HouseKeeping edisi Juli 2012 terbitan Afrika Selatan. Ibu sikembar Emme & Max ini bercerita banyak hal, seperti tentang kehidupannya sebagai ibu, dll.
On how being a mom has changed her :
"I can't help but be a different person now that I've had kids. That really does change your whole perspective on life for the better. I definitely feel like I've grown-up. So, I guess in a way parts of me are going to be different, but in general I'm still the same girl from the Bronx who had big dreams."
On the greatest lessons she's learned from her kids so far :
"I think the biggest thing they've taught me is what loving someone is and what it should feel like. It's like, 'Wow, how much do I love these children?' No matter what they do, it doesn't matter. This is what unconditional love means. It's crazy, but it's heaven and earth."
On whether she still feels like a sexiest woman alive :
"Sometimes when I get home and I'm not feeling so great, I make myself go to the gym. Then I come home and take a shower, put on a great outfit, some makeup, tie my hair up, and I feel pepped up and great about myself. I think that for some reason, when you maintain yourself, people are really surprised. It's inspiring for woman who have kids and take care of themselves to be sexy."

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