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Delta Goodrem : Vogue Australia

Penyanyi cantik asal Australia, Delta Goodrem tampil sebagai cover majalah Vogue terbitan kampung halamannya.
 Dalam wawancaranya, Delta menyatakan dia pernah merasa tidak bahagia saat dulu menjalin hubungan dengan mantan personil Westlife, Brian Mc.Fadden.
 On her personal rebirth :

"I feel like it's a totally different chapter; I feel like I'm back to being me again."

On ambition :
"You learn as you go and I think when you want to be the best in the world, like I do …" A-ha! The best in the world? "Yep, absolutely," she says. "I know where I should be and I'm still only 27. I've had this wonderful, incredible journey with Australia and with different countries, but also due to my life, there have been lots of stops and starts, and so right now is the best time in my life to take flight again."
On being single again :
"I have so much love to give that it's hard for me to say [no]. I'm very affectionate and so I'm just happy to be single and meeting different people and just enjoying being a 27-year-old."
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